Welded Steel Grating

  • Products Name: Welded Steel Grating
    Material: Mild Steel or Stainless Steel
    Place of Origin: Anping County Shengyang Metal Products Co.,Ltd, Hebei province, China
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When selecting a bar grating product, consider Welded Steel Grating first. Welded steel grating includes plain steel grating and serrated steel grating.

Common size please check the specification table in the following.

Welded Steel Grating grades and specifications in the form of:

DG ooo / oo / oo
Then you can add the letter “I” or “S” to represent “I”-type bearing bar or “Serrated” type bearing bar, detailed definitions can be found in steel grid plate grades and specifications.

Welded Steel Grating__Bearing flat steel is usually 3mm, 5mm thickness flat steel. The type of the flat steel can be “Plain”-type falt steel, “I”-type flat steel, and “Serrated”-type flat steel.

The width of bearing flat steel (ie, the thickness of the steel grid plate) from 20mm up to 75mm.

The space of Bearing bar is usually 30mm, 40mm, 60mm and so on. The space of Cross bar is usually 50mm, 100mm, 150mm and so on.

And thus constitute a different series, a variety of specifications of steel mesh panels, to meet different loads and other requirements.According to customer requirements, our factory can also manufacture any special specification steel grating.

Specification list of Steel Grating
Series No Bearing
Specification of BearingSteel Bar
Width X Thickness
(mm) (mm)
20X3 25X3 32X3 40X3 20X5 25X5
1 30 100 G203/30/100 G253/30/100 G323/30/100 G403/30/100 G205/30/100 G255/30/100
50 G203/30/50 G253/30/50 G323/30/50 G403/30/50 G205/30/50 G255/30/50
2 40 100 G203/40/100 G253/40/100 G323/40/100 G403/40/100 G205/40/100 G255/40/100
50 G203/40/50 G253/40/50 G323/40/50 G403/40/50 G205/40/50 G255/40/50
3 60 50 G253/60/50 G323/60/50 G403/60/50 G205/60/50 G255/60/50
32X5 40X5 45X5 50X5 55X5 60X5
4 30 100 G325/30/100 G405/30/100 G455/30/100 G505/30/100 G555/30/100 G605/30/100
50 G325/30/50 G405/30/50 G455/30/50 G505/30/50 G555/30/50 G605/30/50
5 40 100 G325/40/100 G405/40/100 G455/40/100 G505/40/100 G555/40/100 G605/40/100
50 G325/40/50 G405/40/50 G455/40/50 G505/40/50 G555/40/50 G605/40/50
6 60 50 G325/60/50 G405/60/50 G455/60/50 G505/60/50 G555/60/50 G605/60/50





  • Bearing bar:40 x3mm
  • Mesh size:40 x50mm
  • Surface:Hot-dip galvanized

  • Bearing bar:30 x4mm
  • Mesh size:30 x100mm
  • Surface:Hot-dip galvanized

  • Bearing bar:50 x4mm
  • Mesh size:30 x100mm
  • Surface:Hot-dip galvanized
  • Type:Serrated steel grating

  • Bearing bar:50 x4mm
  • Mesh size:30 x100mm
  • Surface:Hot-dip galvanized
  • Type:Serrated steel grating


Special specifications can be produced by the customer’s requirements.