Steel Grating

  • Products Name:Steel Grating
    Place of Origin:Anping County Shengyang Metal Products Co.,Ltd, Hebei province, China


Shengyang Steel Grating is the most popular in grating series.Range of types grating with good quality and better price.Shengyang Bar Grating is our best choice -proffesional factory.

Specifications of Steel Grating

Series Pitch of Bearing bar Cross-bar Pitch Specification of bearing bar load(width xthickness)
20 x3 25 x3 32 x3 40x 3 20 x5 25 x5
1 30 100 WA203/1 WA253/1 WA323/1 WA403/1 WA205/1 WA255/1
50 WB203/1 WB253/1 WB323/1 WB403/1 WB205/1 WB255/1
2 40 100 WA203/2 WA253/2 WA323/2 WA403/2 WA205/2 WA255/2
50 WB203/2 WB253/2 WB323/2 WB403/2 WB205/2 WB255/2
3 60 50   WB253/3 WB323/3 WB403/3 WB205/3 WB255/3
Series Pitch of Bearing bar Cross-bar Pitch Specification of bearing bar load(width xthickness)
32 x5 40 x5 45 x5 50 x5 55 x5 60 x5
1 30 100 WA325/1 WA405/1 WA455/1 WA505/1 WA555/1 WA605/1
50 WB325/1 WB405/1 WB455/1 WB505/1 WB555/1 WB605/1
2 40 100 WA325/2 WA405/2 WA455/2 WA505/2 WA555/2 WA605/2
50 WB325/2 WB405/2 WB455/2 WB505/2 WB555/2 WB605/2
3 60 50 WA325/3 WA405/3 WA455/3 WA505/3 WA555/3 WA605/3

The classification of the grating, the side shape of the bearing-bar and the finish can be shown with mark.


(1) A,B are the two types of cross bar pitch A=100mm(center to certer)B=50mm(center to certer)

(2)There are three types of bearing-bar pitch

Bearing bar pitch:

  • Series1(1)= 30mm(center to certer)
    Series2(2)= 40mm(center to certer)
    Series3(3)= 60mm(center to certer)

(3)There are two types (P.S) for the sides Shape of the bearing bar
P=Plain   S=Serrated

(4)There are four types-G,B,PT,U for the finish

  • G=hot-gavanized
  • B=bitumen paint-dipped
  • PT=Painted
  • U=untreated (it can be omitted in the mark)

Mark of picking up goods

As for the flat-steel of 32 x5: Bearing Bar Pitch:30; Cross Bar Pitch:100. This welded-steel grating galvanized is marked with WA325/1-G

As for the serrated-sides flat-steel of 40 x5: Bearing Bar Pitch:40; Cross Bar Pitch:50. This kind of grating finished with paint is marked with WB405/2S-PT.


Special specifications can be produced by the customer’s requirements.