Pressure Locked Grating

  • Products Name: Pressure Locked Grating
    Material: Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
    Place of Origin: Anping County Shengyang Metal Products Co.,Ltd, Hebei province, China
    Contact: +86-318-7026222/7755199

Pressure locked grating is a kind of high strength grating. Shengyang Grating offers two distinct types of Pressure Locked Gratings which are identified by their method of assembly. Manufactured without the introduction of heat or riveting, these gratings provide a finished product with attractive architectural lines. This pleasing appearance makes Pressure Locked Gratings ideal candidates for architectural and ornamental applications such as grilles, screens and fences. Additionally, pressure locked methods of manufacturing allow for the production of close mesh gratings with minimal open area. Pressure Locked Gratings with bearing bars spaced at 11/16″ and 7/16″ on center conform with the rigid spacing requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These products are commonly installed at the entrance to public buildings where concerns of pedestrian traffic and high heeled shoes coincide with needs for ventilation and drainage.

Fabrication: All Shengyang Grating Pressure Locked Gratings are fabricated to size on a “per order” basis. To enhance longevity, all products are manufactured with each outside cross bar/bearing bar intersection fillet welded in accordance with NAAMM standards. Banding provides additional transverse stiffness and it is highly recommended that all Pressure Locked Gratings be specified with all cutouts and open ends banded.

Pressure Locked Gratings manufactured by swaging are designated by the profile “PS.” These products are assembled by inserting hollow tube cross bars into pre-punched holes in the bearing bars and then swaging the cross bars (similar to the aluminum gratings). This permanently locks the entire cross bar/bearing bar intersection within the interior of the bearing bar.

Isometric Swaged Intersection

Close Mesh Type PS-7-4

Pressure Locked Gratings manufactured with deep rectangular cross bars are identified as dovetail pressure locked and are designated by the profile “PD.” These products are assembled by pre-punching both the bearing bars and cross bars, aligning the bars in an egg-crate manner, and deforming the cross bar into the dovetail slot in the bearing bar under intense hydraulic pressure.

Isometric Dovetail Intersection

Standard Mesh Type PD-19-4

Among them the letter “L” says pressure lock steel mesh plate, the specific see steel case board grades and specifications of related introduction. The table below for common standard pressure lock steel mesh plate specifications and single heavy:


The following table is the commonly used standard pressure lock grating specifications and singlet::

DGL255/30/ 100               50
45.8 54.1
DGL325/30/ 100               50
56.2 64.6
DGL355/30/ 100               50
60.7 69.1
DGL405/30/ 100               50
68.2 76.6
DGL455/30/ 100               50
75.7 84.0
DGL505/30/ 100               50
83.2 91.5
DGL555/30/ 100               50
90.7 99.0
DGL605/30/ 100               50
98.3 106.5
DGL655/30/ 100               50
105.7 114.0


DGL255/40/ 100                50
37.4 45.8
DGL325/40/ 100                50
45.6 53.9
DGL355/40/ 100                50
49.1 57.4
DGL405/40/ 100                50
54.9 63.2
DGL455/40/ 100                50
60.7 69.1
DGL505/40/ 100                50
66.6 74.9
DGL555/40/ 100                50
72.4 90.7
DGL605/40/ 100                50
78.2 86.5
DGL655/40/ 100                50
84.0 92.4


Special specifications can be produced by the customer’s requirements.