Composite Steel Grating

  • Products Name: Composite Steel Grating

  • Material: Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel

  • Place of Origin: Anping County Shengyang Metal Products Co.,Ltd, Hebei province, China

  • Contact: +86-318-7026222/7755199

1.Composite steel grating is composed of checkered plate on sealed surface & steel grating with certain spanning capability.The checkered plates are normally in the thickness of 3mm, 4mm, 5mm or 6mm.

2.Composite steel grating is formed of any aype of ateel grating and checkered plate in different thickness.The type of G253/30/100,G323/40/100 ,G323/60/100 are generally used as base and the checkered plate with 3mm is used as sealing plate.

3.As thermal stress may cause shape distortion after hot-dip galvanizing treatment especially choosing large spacing special attention should be paid when choosing grating type.

Composite Steel Grating

Composite Steel Grating

Anping Shengyang composite steel grating manufacture standard composite steel mesh plate 3mm pattern plate and use 60/100 series (see standard steel grating) .

Among them the letter “P” says composite steel grating, then use double digits said its thickness, common standard composite steel grating specifications as follows (table for the product after weight galvanized weight) :

specifications thickness(mm) Pattern plate thickness (mm) Steel case board specifications Pedestrian load
Maximum span
DGP23 23 3 DG205/40/100 1100
DGP28 28 3 DG255/40/100I 1300
DGP35 35 3 DG325/40/100I 1600
DGP41 41 3 DG385/40/100I 1900
DGP47 47 3 DG445/40/100I 2100
DGP53 53 3 DG505/40/100I 2400


Special specifications can be produced by the customer’s requirements.